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Madhavi Advani
Madhavi Advani
We met a few years ago at the first event I organized in Delhi, India, and since then a collaboration was born that has seen us partner in the implementation of various activities. Through Madhavi Advani and through her work as my Brand Ambassador, I was able to enter the heart of a city in which personal relationships are still very important.
I have had the pleasure of organizing events and holding educational meetings and seminars, both private and at institutes such as the Asian Academy of Film and Television, and of meeting many people with whom to share knowledge and experiences while promoting Italy and my activities, to an attentive audience.

Madhavi, it is a pleasure to be able to listen to you tell me and our readers your story.
How did your business of promoting luxury brands come about?

Thank you Angelo for having me as your guest . It is pleasure to interact with you. I started as a Luxury Consultant for art for a renowned artist from the country for whose art show I invited some prominent distinguished people from Delhi from varied industries .I was fortunate to be with the best from the country, at the beginning of my journey . The art show happened at one of the top real estate companies of our country, in the lavish penthouses of the Leela Ambience Group.. as Art and Real estate go well together. While I was promoting the artist, looking at my network and quality consultation work that I was doing with the artist, I got offer to be on board with the real estate company. While promoting art I got into real estate .Also some prominent guests who witnessed my work during the show started spreading a good word about my work and it picked up more as word of mouth within own social circle with the ones who visited my quality bespoke events . I also started doing concept event collaborating art with hospitality, art with real estate etc.I started getting offers from one after the other and this is how I got on board with Taj Ambassador then by word of mouth was referred to meet you as well . Then there was no looking back from Padam Shree artist Krishn KanhaiJi to designer Anju Modi to now recent clients being few real estate companies , as well as ZOYA Jewels and LG Innovation Gallery.
You live in Delhi, a city I have learned to love, which is booming and developing, but where contrasts of all kinds and types are strong, how do you manage work, family, attending events considering that every move is a time-consuming journey?

The art of Work life balance is something we learn to manage. I am glad to say I am not into 10 AM to 5 PM job as I feel I was never made for it. So I plan things accordingly as per convenience of family and commitments. Usually from 2pm to 7pm I am at off or in meetings. Morning hours I work from home and besides that there is no fixed time for work.
Irrespective of being a working day or a holiday, because of the convenience
of remaining connected with just one click through social digital media , whatsapp and emails, if required I work late nights as well .
I was complimented by one of the clients that I am like water and I can take any shape.
Mostly I like to attend day events for which I manage to take out time and I plan the day accordingly on those days when I am invited as a special guest, guest of honour or a panelist .
I attend only those events where I have a substantial role to play unless it is for a friend on relationship basis ....once in a while as we all have limited time to achieve all that we aspire to do in a day.
What sectors do clients generally belong to and who do you approach for their promotion?

I do not want to restrict to one sector only as I breathe luxury and feel it from heart, relish and enjoy it .In luxury segment I consult on art, real estate, hospitality , weddings, fashion designers, jewelry, beauty , travel now even electronics and the list is simply expanding . Not to forget, I am proud and humbled to say I am on board with top from the Industry . At times I do support for top exibitions in Delhi and some start ups if I feel convinced about their ventures and if I feel it from the heart.
I also promote social initiatives of clients like “support a skill” ,by Kuku S Kumar, which provides jobs to underprivileged youth in the travel & tourism industry and social initiative “Dear Sunshine Foundation” ,by Shefali Khanna / me, which provides dignity to musicians from economically weaker sections of the society and simultaneously preserves the tradional indian music.
Fortunately I don't have to approach anyone as I mentioned it's mostly through word of mouth .
What do you like about your city, and what would you like to change or improve?

I love Delhi and now truly a Delihite at heart. The amount of scope of work and business capital city has, I doubt any other would from my personal experience. If one is willing to work hard and grow this is definitely the city being capital of our country. All power is here, all political action and so are the embassies and top businesses houses which make Delhi so special . I call it as my Karam Bhumi ( Work Place ). This is what I like about Delhi and what I wish the city improves is pollution levels and infrastructure.

What has been the greatest success or achievement that has given you the most satisfaction in your work?

I have promoted Vedaaranya Haveli Ramgarh Shekhawati.
in a beautiful heritage town
Whenever i assist my client in achieving their goals and in their glory.
We are working together on the promotion of a brand of excellence in Italian high fashion, have you found much interest in this new activity that opens the door to a more important presence of this brand in India?

It's a pleasure and honour to be on board with a prestigious italian brand  and to represent it in India. I sincerely thank you Angelo for trusting and believing in me .I feel with big brands come bigger responsibility . I am super excited, proud and humbled and nervous at the same time trying to give it my best and get the buyers who appereciate the brand and make it a success. I am getting goose bumps .It was always my dream to work with top international brands.

Your plans for the future?

I have always enjoyed working with international brands. Truly happy to be on board with celebrity wedding designer Angelo Gairini from Italy, also to set up premium salons from Paris Camillebane and Dessange salons In India. I want to work more with global brands all across the world , travel and also global promotions take brands and exhibitors from India abroad and vice versa which we are already working .Looking forward to more international associations and collaboration.

Thank you Madhavi, see you next time in Italy

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